Strategic information management

Topics: Decision theory, Decision support system, Decision making Pages: 14 (3770 words) Published: April 2, 2014

CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF)-LONDON Group B

Table of Contents:
Task 1:3
A.C.1.1: Features of Data and Information:3
A.C.1.2. Criteria to be applied when selecting data and information to support 4 Decision making:
A.C.1.3: Impact of management information systems to an organisation:5 Task 2:6
A.C.2.1. Legal responsibilities in sourcing, sharing and storing information:6 A.C. 2.2: when information should be offered and access allowed:6 A.C.2.3: Formats in which information can be offered:7

Task 3:9
A.C.3.1: Information to identify patterns and trends:9
A.C.3.3: Sources available to assist in analysing data and information:10 Task 4: 11
A.C.3.2: Decision making tools and techniques available to support a11 strategic decision:
A.C.4.1: Methods of evaluating management information within an 12 organisation:
Task 5:13
A.C.4.2: Processes for analysing impact of information on strategic decisions 13 made:
A.C.4.3: Methods of developing information capture to inform and support 14 Conclusion:14

Apple Inc. formally known as Apple computer Inc. is a multinational corporation located in the USA. Apple manufactures consumer electronics, Computer, Laptops, and different software for its customers around the globe. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak on the First of April 1976. Its core products are iPhones, iPad tablets, Personal computers (IMac), portable media players and Macintosh computers. (Apple UK, 2014) The focus of this report is to develop an organisation management information system to ensure it conforms with legislation and provides accurate and relevant data. Task 1:

A.C.1.1: Features of Data and Information:
Data is the combination of facts and figures which are collected from events. Data is collected in a raw form. It cannot be used in the raw form because it is uncompressed. Examples are names, dates and address etc. (Robert Hillard, 2010) Information:

Information is the processed form of data, when data is collected from events it is organised and then called information, example are Books, magazines and Newspapers etc. (Robert Hillard, 2010)

Accessibility, Relevance, comprehensibility, timeliness and accuracy: Accessibility is very important in any organisation around the globe. It is compulsory for Apple Inc. to provide accessibility of information when needed to its employees in the different departments like HR, Finance and IT etc. The accessible information must be exactly what is required for the processes those are needed to be carried out by the different departments in the organisation. The information must be clear, well-structured and organised. It must also be able to complete the required tasks and generate the expected results in a suitable way. (Peter Flett, 2013)

A.C.1.2. Criteria to be applied when selecting data and information to support decision making: In the business world organisations take the data and make critical decisions to be carried out in the future. So the data must be collected very wisely. Apple Inc. takes the data into consideration and carries it through decision making process. The data selection criterion gives an advanced view to an organisation in gathering the data. A data selection criterion is discussed below. Data selection criteria consist of four ingredients.

Accuracy, Completeness, Validity and Consistency.
The valuable result of Apple Inc. depends a lot on the accuracy of the management information. Time frame is important in the accuracy of data; if the time frame is not followed accurately there will be errors in the result. (Elder. J, 2010) Completeness:

Completeness of data means the availability of data for the person who will be making the decisions. If the...

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Bradford Regional College, London
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