Stalin's speech

Topics: Communism, Vladimir Lenin, Socialism Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: January 26, 2014

Friends! Followers! People of Russia! You know who I am. I am the man who will make your lives great. I am the man who cares for this country – and for its people. I will not stand in the background and let you all fall – I will not become a ghastly dictator. I intend to make this country strong; to be able to fend off our enemies. I intend to do things quickly enough but giving the time to think the plans over and making sure they are the best they could ever possibly be. Hear me out!

Socialism in One Country:
In my opinion Socialism in One Country is the right theory to go by. I strongly promote this theory because if socialism has a strong foothold in one country then other countries will soon follow suit and it will spread like wild fire. If you do not have one country that has successfully mastered socialism then it may then become overthrown. How could you possibly think that following Trotsky’s idea that global socialism and communism will make a socialist country survive when it is fenced by capitalist countries!!! I believe that this great rift among the Bolsheviks/Communists should come to an end! DO this by following my viewpoint and defend my theory with me! You will be greatly rewarded.

Views on the NEP and Industrialisation
Unlike my opposition Trotsky, I am more on the conservative side of the Communist Party and so advocate for a state run capitalist economy. Because of this I managed to wrestle control of the Communist Party from the grasps off Trotsky. However! However… I have applied the FIRST Five-Year Plan due to reversing my opinion about this economic policy. I have switched in favour of Collectivization as a result of supporting NEP against my rival Leon Trotsky. This is because I hope that the USSR’s industrial base will be able to reach the level of the capitalist countries in the West, which will then prevent them from being beaten in a future war. EITHER WE DO IT, OR WE SHALL BE CRUSHED!

As for Industrialisation...
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