Stalin's Rise to Power.

Topics: Joseph Stalin, Marxism, Leon Trotsky Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Why was Stalin able to become leader of Russia in 1928?
Stalin was able to become the leader of Russia in 1928 due to more than one factor. The combination of his and his opposition’s personalities, devious tactics, ideological disputes and alliances all significantly contributed to his rise to power, but Stalin’s powerbases were arguably the main factor due to his manipulation of his power.

Although I would argue that personalities were a large contribution to Stalin’s success, I would not say it was the dominant factor. However, there was and still is no denying that Stalin used his opponent’s flaws and his strengths in order to come out on top. Stalin was not a man of principle, he would change his opinion or view in order to win the popularity of the party, he was said to of “gone which way the wind was blowing”. This resulted in Stalin being popular with the majority of the party. He was also known as “the grey blur”, he had nothing significant or controversial about him, this meant that people didn’t have a reason to dislike him as he never stood up for anything that wasn’t a popular view. Due to his peasant upbringing he was also said to be able to understand the general public of Russia, he understood how they thought and what their priorities were. Although Stalin’s personalities did support his bid to success, you could also say that his opponent’s flaws certainly helped him a lot more than they would have liked. Trotsky was seen as “too western” and arrogant, and as he only joined the party in 1917 communists were reluctant to trust him- this helped Stalin as he was seen as a more loyal member. Bukharin was known as the “favourite” of the party, however he was only very young so older communists were reluctant in trusting him to lead. People were also very suspicious of his “right winged” economic views as Lenin had once described him as “not fully Marxist”. Zinoviev and Kamenev were both viewed as very disloyal, this was due to the fact they had...
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