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Topics: Global warming, Fossil fuel, Greenhouse gas Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: April 6, 2015

It is generally acknowledged that climate change is a serious issue faced by many countries. According to Wuebbles and Jain (2001), climate change can be expressed in terms of the change in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature. Global temperature has risen considerably over the last century and it is likely to continue increase in the following decades. Such phenomenon often referred as Global Warming, has made a dramatic impact not only to nature but also to the economy and the well being of human kind. For instance, climate change has resulted in increasing sea level, melting of glaciers and extreme weather such as droughts, floods and heat waves. Furthermore, extreme weather has caused substantial loss of lives as well as heavy damage to industries such as agriculture, forestry and tourism. Finding the cause of Global Warming and the solution to prevent its’ damage to our environment has become the top priority to our scientists and global leaders. Additionally, Carbon emissions are attributed to being the most significant of the harmful greenhouse gases considered to be the direct cause of climate change. Wuebbles and Jain’s study (2001) illustrates that the increased level of carbon emissions such as carbon dioxide coming from burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal by human activities to power machines and in transport play major role in climate change. However, this essay will argue that although carbon emissions resulting from transport is one of the factors that contribute to climate change, but it is not the most significant factor as the statistics from four major sources have showed that the major causes of such circumstance is due to the carbon emissions resulting from natural changes and energy supply used in electricity and industry. The reasons will be present below.

First of all, EPA (2014) states that the earth temperature affected by natural changes can be traced back centuries ago. The historical record demonstrates that the...

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