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Report of Field Study Investigation on
Character Development and Sportsmanship

Daniel Pearcey, Callum Elliott and Sam Weatherby

January 2013


| | || Executive SummaryIntroduction Review of LiteratureDetails of StudyFindings Summary & ConclusionsReferences | |

Executive Summary

This report investigates the role of fair play and sportsmanship in sport. After reading upon the different opinions of sportsmanship and fair play, we put together a questionnaire and conducted it using 50 participants in the age group 14-15 year old at a the cliff training ground in Salford. This is a scheme that gets local children playing football in a safe environment. This runs weekly and offers courses of training for the more established players.

The main findings from the study were as follows:

* Sportsmanship is relatively high in the age group 14-15 as 30% would never cheat or disrespect the opposition and only 8% would regularly cheat to gain advantage. * 20% would always have respect for their managers and peers and 28% would often do the same. Showing that their character development over the years has been positively reinforced. * By comparing the sportsmanship levels between an amateur and professional team, we found that the levels of sportsmanship in the professional teams were considerably higher.

The findings suggest that, in the age group 14-15 there is high levels of fair play and sportsmanship. Also that the character development of these players is highly reinforced by their education of the game, to show respect and acknowledge others thoughts and opinions. The levels sportsmanship is higher in professional teams due to them being watched from all over the world and have to play fair to show future generations how to act on a professional stage, this resulting in these professionals become role models to the younger generations.

1. Introduction

The topic we have chosen is Character Development and sportsmanship. A definition of good sporting behaviour would be according to Shields and Bredemeier (1995) “involves an intense striving to succeed, tempered by commitment to the play of spirit such that ethical standards would take precedence over strategic gain when the two conflict”. An example of character development according to Shields and Bredemeier (1995) would be “an overarching concept that integrates fair play and good sporting behaviour with two other important virtues, compassion and integrity”. We think this is a good topic to investigate as there is a lot of controversy over fair play and sportsmanship week in and week out in England especially in football. A prime example of this would be Luis Suarez using his hand to control the ball, allowing him to score. We thought it would be good to find out what sportsmanship means and if the behaviour of the premier league players has rubbed off on the younger generation. An example of where Character Development is or can be used frequently within press conferences when a team have a situation in which needs good character to have a positive input on the team or specific individual. As we all know a lot of young children look up to the professional footballers as their idols and look to copy their actions they do on and off the pitch. So giving out a questionnaire to 14-15 year olds will determine if they think condemning fair play is the right way to behave on the pitch and if the professional footballers have an effect on the young players. We chose this age due to them to start thinking on their own and making their own decisions on what they think is the correct decision to make on the pitch, for example if they were to dive to gain advantage for themselves.

Our report consist of 4 different sections, these include, review of literature, details of study, findings and conclusion. In our review of literature we will explain the different theory’s...

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