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Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Altria Group Pages: 4 (607 words) Published: October 12, 2014

1. Which paths(s) to persuasion is/are present in the global warming case?

Personally both the central and peripheral route paths to persuasion are in the global warming case.

The central route to persuasion has had an impact on society, because individuals have become aware and concerned about the carbon footprint, and how it’s creating the global warming. The global warming supposable has created the ice caps to start melting and the recent severe weather of increased tornados, hurricanes, and tsunamis. This can be demonstrated by individuals, who now purchase hybrid cars, more environmentally friendly products, recycle, use of natural resources such as wind or solar power, and car pool or take public transportation in order to protect the planet (NASA).

Then the peripheral route to persuasion is driven by Greenpeace along with the Al Gore and Suzuki Foundation by debating that carbon foot printing is the cause of the global warming and that if society does not reduce the CO2 emission then society would no longer have a planet to live on. Basely the Greenpeace, Al Gore, and Suzuki Foundation are the individuals who originally brought the whole global warming awareness to society. Since these individuals are highly respected in society or in the field of expertise that no one in society questioned if carbon foot printing really was the cause of the global warming versus something else. Instead society just started looking at ways to reduce the carbon foot print (Bastasch and Greenpeace)

2. How does the tobacco industry example fit into our understanding of impression management?

The company I currently work for used to part of a tobacco company, Philip Morris, and they have used a couple of different ways to influence the perception other had of them since they were a cigarette company. The first option to influence individuals was by demonstrating socially responsibility either giving back and support the local community events such as...

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