Special Education-Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement
SpecEd 324

After going through many years of schooling and observing many different teacher styles I have come up with my own philosophy of teaching. As a future teacher my main philosophy is everyone learns concepts different and student should be treated as individuals. Students are humans; they have different thoughts and different way to enjoy learning. As an educator I want to make sure they embrace their skills and help improve in the areas they need to help on. In my field of special education as a teacher and a person who has a learning disability I’ve learned that effective teaching requires patience and flexibility. Teachers need to learn how to adjust because students respond differently to a many forms of assessment and education.

People also learn better through preparation and the enthusiasm that the teacher shares with her students. I find that a successful teacher makes new material fun and fool students into learning. Students enjoy and comprehend the material when they don’t realize they are learning. Teachers should make the goal to always encourage and inspire students to learn.

I find it really important that teachers understand that they are learning with the students. Students will teach the teachers on how certain material should be taught or how it is comprehended. In the recent year’s school have welcomed new technology into classrooms. This new technology can strongly improve a student’s learning but it also requires knew knowledge for the teacher as well. Teachers need to be open to learning along with their students and even from their students.

As a teacher I’d like to be an educator that the student feel comfortable coming to me with any problems they may have with their education or with themselves. As I previously said before being a special education teacher I want to be understanding and truly care for my student success. I want them to succeed and get good grades but I want them to...
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