Spanish Speaking Cultures

Topics: Puerto Rico, Spanish language, Difference Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Cultural Similarities and Differences in The Arts
By: Whitney Graham, Tiffany Showalter, and Thomas Wieczorek
July 15, 2013
Juan Stegman

Spanish Speaking Countries
There are many countries around the world that speak Spanish. Even though these countries speak the same language they have many things that make them different from one another. A perfect example of this is Porto Rico and Mexico. They both speak Spanish and even a very similar form of Spanish at that. Porto Ricans and Mexicans are very different from one another based on music, arts, sports, dance, and theater. Even though it is the same language there can also be different meanings for some of the sayings between Mexico and Porto Rico. Similarities and Differences (Whitney)

Many people can be stereotypical and think that the cultures of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are the same simply because both cultures speak Spanish. On the contrary, these two cultures have more differences than they do similarities.

One difference between the two ethnicities is the type of food that is eaten is much different. Individuals of the Puerto Rican culture eat foods that are more indigenous of African culture. Individuals from the Mexican culture, on the other hand, eat foods such as burritos and use spices that many Americans would be familiar with such as chipotle, chili, and oregano (Emelda, 2011).

Another difference between the two culturally diverse groups is the taste in art, music, and sports. Puerto Ricans, for instance, “pride themselves in their musical heritage” (Mexicans and Puerto Ricans: Not the Same, n.d.). Puerto Ricans have the franchise on dances that many Americans are familiar with such as the salsa and the meringue. Another love of the Puerto Rican culture is baseball. It is a stereotype that Latinos love ‘football’ or soccer as they know it. Mexicans love the sport of ‘football’, while individuals from the Puerto Rican culture love baseball. Dance, Music, Theater,...

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