Sound And Fury Video Reflection

Topics: Want, Psychology, Learning Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: December 10, 2014
Sound and Fury Video Reflection
SPED 310
Sister Farley
This was such and interesting film for me to watch and I know I learned the importance of understanding other peoples cultures. Before watching this film I never thought about the fact that there even was a deaf culture or that I should be aware of such things to make sure I wan’t causing offense in anyway to another person because my culture is different from theirs. As I was watching these videos some of the things that stood out are as follows: 1. When learning about new things we need to be more open and not just worried about our own well being and our own desires. Often times our vision is narrow or clouded so that we just see what we want to see and not what really is best. 2. There is no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone. And in order to grow we need to seek opportunities to do that . This will often mean that we are going to be put in situations where we feel uncomfortable but when we stick with it we help ourselves and those around us become something more. 3. It is possible to be part of two cultures. I thought that was something that was important for me to learn from this video. Disabilities do not define who we are, we can accomplish many things and be part of more than one culture if we want to. 4. Support systems are irreplaceable and are vital for success. Families are a great and important support and help children grow and excel most. 5. Don’t be afraid of change. We shouldn’t forget the past and where we come from but we stop ourselves from becoming more and experiencing more.
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