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I “ABHIJEET”, have completed Bachelor’s of Science (with subjects Microbiology, Zoology and Chemistry) from “AVANTHI DEGREE COLLEGE”, affiliated to “OSMANIA UNIVERSITY”, in Hyderabad, India. Being a Bachelor in Microbiology, focusing on three dimensional aspects of my subjects is a core value of mine, one that I bring to every assignment I come across. Many tasks during my academic period have rewarded me with the ability to work independently as well as polished my role as a contributing member of the team.

In today’s fast paced world, things change at the blink of an eye. It takes a confident, dynamic, intelligent and diligent personality to look obstacles in the eye and tackle them. I am geared up for the challenges ahead. My educational background combined with my forward looking and positive approach has always helped me in delivering consistent results.

I have applied for the Masters program at your esteemed University. In the following write-up, I have attempted to present a succinct depiction of my background, education as well as achievements.


"Millions said that the apple fell down, but the Newton was only one to ask WHY??” Each problem has an opportunity hidden in it. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity." The above philosophy has played a central role in shaping my objectives and framing my plans for the future, as I have always tried to find an opportunity in middle of difficulty. Just as the 21st century dawns on mankind, our lives bare a testimony to the genesis of a new era in Research and Technology. Visionaries around the world foresee the next century, as more advancement would take place in field of research. The past century too has thrown open the doors for unabated technological advancement and has created opportunities of growth in newer dimensions which we had never thought to be in existence even a short time ago. To excel in the futuristic workplace of tomorrow, one will need to posses a perfect blend of theoretical study and practical experience. I regard myself fortunate to have the opportunity for advanced studies in the astonishing field of “BIOTECHNOLOGY”.  I want to be a part of this exciting race to create a more scientifically advanced tomorrow and I envision graduate studies as a path towards my advancement in this direction. To me, Biotechnology is not just a tool that benefits an individual, but also the community and society at large. As my undergraduate education has concluded, I have come to what is possibly the most important decision in my career, the choice of university to graduate from and subject of specialization. My decision to pursue graduate study has been motivated by my eventual objective of meaningful research in the field of Biotechnology. My constant urge to learn and explore along with a desire to be part of the fast growing advances in the world by contributing to its development have been instrumental in sparkling an interest in me for graduate study. The studies and research in Biotechnology can help very much for the betterment of life. I am confident that I possess the requisite background and aptitude for pursuing active research in this field at your esteemed university. Bearing in mind my academic background, capabilities and interest, I have decided to pursue graduate studies in Biotechnology.

“I Can, I Will and I Must”

The above words have always been a key point behind my learning. I have been blessed to have parents who instilled me with good values and principles. They have supported me in accomplishing the goals I have set forth. With this mindset it became easier for me to follow my own heart instead of merely gulping bookish lessons. At the school level I always used to question myself as to how could these DNA, proteins and enzyme perform their heavy load of work in spite of being so small and tiny...
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