Society advances most when people break from the traditions of their predecessors.

Topics: Sociology, Tradition, Traditions Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Historically known facts provide information to people that modern society was developed due to not only interactions between nations, but also broken past traditions. Making the next step of development meets a need to put aside traditional culture and experience. Crossinteracting promotes society to advance morally and politically. Traditionally supported society , as usual, is a way of staying the same , missing a chance to change dramatically.

To begin with, the past society was established by little closed groups of people/ speaking lots of languages and experiancing different culture behaviours were obstacles to get alog. Occupying new lands and fading traditions of residents , conquerors proposed new culture while features of the past one tried to survive. The prominent examples are languages that have improved and make possible uniting people of different nations in one multinational society such as the US, the UK, and so on. Traditions are related to the past and based on our belief and relationship. It is obvious that any outsider can change society in an efficient way. Staying traditional , humanity has not been allowed to futher and has lived in caves instead of comfortable houses. Phylosophy rules state that any development needs to add new progressive features and qualities whereas to minus old unuseful.

On the other hand, traditional culture is a way to express individuality. All nations, even only few people are alive, have own impressive dances, songs, clothing, preferences in architectual designes that are of great importance not to be a part of a crowd and represent themselves as a colourful attractive personality. Majority of cultural festivals help nations help nations to enhance relations and not to forget family roots to create national heritage.

To sum up, breaking traditions of precessors is essential for developing and improving society. I am really sure that traditions could overcome back to the past moral and political...
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