Socialism vs Democracy

Topics: Communism, Capitalism, Karl Marx Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Socialism and democracy cannot be compared because it would just be like comparing apples to oranges since socialism is an economic system while democracy is a political ideology. An economic system defines the manner of producing and distributing the goods and services of society while a political system refers to the institutions that will comprise a government and how the system will work. The two systems, nevertheless, have a common denominator ‘“ they work for the goals of society.

Socialism is an economic system that puts emphasis on collective ownership of the production resources and relies on the state or the workers’ council to be the mouthpiece of society on how these resources will be managed and controlled. The equality among members of society is, however, adversely affected in varying degrees depending on the form of socialism adopted by society. The extreme form of socialism has little or no regard at all for civil liberties, thus, citizens do not enjoy the equal right to representation and the equal right to hold office, among others.

Democracy, on the other hand, is a political system that promotes the freedom and the equal right of an individual to self-development. People in a democratic society either directly govern themselves (direct democracy) or elect some individuals to whom the power to govern society is delegated. In some democratic systems, however, a portion of society are not able to effectively join in political exercises, especially those who are underprivileged because of the influence exerted by interest groups who have the money to economically exploit other people by using their economic power to control and even corrupt the political system to their advantage.

Can both systems co-exist in one society? Certainly, both systems can blend to define the directions of a society. A socialist society can for instance be a socialist democracy in the same way as a democratic society can become a democratic socialist. Socialism...
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