Socialism and Communism , Joseph Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Communism, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Socialism and communism are two similar political systems. The similarities are that both systems are based on public ownership of the means of production and centralised planning. This basically means that all businesses owned by individuals are not held under the names of individual members, they are owned cooperatively by the government. Thus, all resources of producing and distributing goods are owned by a centralised government that controls the economy. They make decisions of what and how much should be produced annually, what the prices should be and how much workers are to be paid. The main aim of both systems is to create an equal society, where all power and wealth are shared equally among everyone. Though, communism and socialism have similarities, they also have differences, since, they are not the same. The terms socialism and communism once had equivalent meaning. Communism is a form of socialism, but is more of an extreme form. Socialism is democratic; everybody has the right to contribute to social choices on how resources and wealth should be used. Furthermore, everybody is permitted to have free access to the goods and services and all work is performed on a voluntary basis. Unlike Socialism, Communism not only controls the economy, but all areas of the society. In communism, all members of the economy share both work and benefits. Socialism and Communism was originally put forward by Karl Marx. One country that purports to employ communism today is China.

Joseph Stalin was one of the most powerful communist dictators in history. From 1927 to 1953, he was the head of the communist party and also the leader of the Soviet Union (USSR). Throughout the Russian Revolution, Stalin assisted Russia, turn from one of the most undeveloped nations into one of the most industrialised countries. He overpowered Hitler in WWII and established the Communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe. While Stalin was in power, Russia became...
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