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Topics: Communism, Unemployment, Economy Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 2, 2012
What is unemployment? How does it affect our economy?
Unemployment is a situation when a person is able and willing to work but does not get an opportunity to work. Cause of unemployment:
i) Insufficient economic development: It is true that under the plant development millions of new jobs were created but the number of job lookers was much more than those jobs. Thus many people still remained unemployed in India. ii) Defective system of education: In our education system there is lack of training facilities, lack of vocational and professional guidance. iii) Slow growth of industrialization: Slow growth of industrialization in the country is yet another cause of unemployment in the urban area.

What are farmers of Palampur able to grow different crops in a year? Explain? List the factors that contributed to the making of our constitution? The kind of democracy we see may not be the idle form of government? Give any five arguments to support this statement. How far do you agree with the statement that all physiographic regions complement each other? Explain Explain the ideas of Carl Marks and his communist society?

What was the impact of French revolution on the world? Name two Indian who were very much influenced by the revolutionary France? The 18th century France witnessed the emergence of middle class who were they and what were their ideas? How did Japan become a developed country? Explain?

Why is human recourses considered to be the best resources? Explain? How can one grow more than one crop in the same piece of land? Explain? Explain the term Apartheid. What were its implications?

Why can’t the democratic setup in China we called a true democracy? Explain? Analyze the causes that result into river pollution?
Mentioned 3 types of plate movements. What is the influence of these movements? Distinguish between Khadar and Bhangar soils?
Assess the significance of the central location of India in the Indian Ocean? Describe the global influence...
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