Social Development Observation

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Aim: To observe a child, who is 4 years 3 months old, in a construction area during a free-play in order to identify her social skills. Objectives: To observe and record Rebecca’s ability to share toys with other children.

Record of observation

Three children are sitting at a big round table and playing with different constructional toys. Rebecca is playing with big plastic letters. The teacher approaches the children. Rebecca (to the teacher) I know how to make my name!

Child 1 I know too!
Children 2 and 3 I know too! I know!
Teacher If you make your names I’ll give you special cuddles. Rebecca This is my letter (takes letter “R”)
Child 1 I want all green letters (starts picking green letters) Rebecca Mine is not green.
Child 1 I’ll make a tower (grabs several letters)
Rebecca I’m making my name (takes letters “B” and “E”) Child 1 Look! It’s gonna fall! (puts seven letters on top of each other) Rebecca No. It won’t.
Child 2 It will! It will!
Rebecca (to child 1) What are you doing?
Child 1 I’m making it bigger (puts two more letters on top of the “tower”) Teacher You are making it higher.
Rebecca I am still making my name (looks at the letters in front of her) Child 1 I need more! I need those! (takes Rebecca’s letter) Rebecca No! It’s mine! (tries to stop child 1)
Child 1 But I need those for my tower (looks at the teacher). Rebecca It’s my name! She is taking my name! (looks at the teacher) Teacher (to Rebecca) Don’t take her letters. Play with the ones that you already have. Child 1 But my tower won’t fall. I need more.

Rebecca looks at the “tower”, takes her letter “R” and gives it to child 1. Rebecca It’s O.K. I can do my name with “B”, because my mum calls me Becky. Child 1 put the letter on top of the “tower” and it falls down. All children laugh. Rebecca takes her letter “R” and gives it to child 1 again. Rebecca Do it again! I’ll do my name with “B”....
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