Smart Choice

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Review of Smart choice

----- And its relationship with planning methodology


Part 1 review of smat choices3

Part 2 analyze of Tower Hamlets Local Development Framework5


Part 1 review of smat choices


The book Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions introduced a new practical method called PrOACT Approach designed to guide people to make better choice when they are facing decision problem. PrOACT stands for Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Tradeoff respectively. This method divide decision making process in to parts and think systematically about each part then combine the results together to get a better choice. The first phrase of this method is to define exactly what problem you are facing. Although people tend to obtain obvious answer for this question, however, the obvious one may not be the real one people facing. Decision maker often confuse between the trigger of the decision problem and the real decision problem and thus impose many constrain on their problem definition. For example, the professor asked classmates to write a review of the book Smart Choices, which is the trigger of the decision problem. Many students define the problem to be “how can they writer a good review of Smart Choice” because of constrain imposed by trigger of the problem. However, the real problem may be how we can better learn this practical thinking method to gain better choice in future careers or lives. After defining problem the next step is identity objective. The next step is to create alternative for decision maker to choose. People cannot choose from vacuum. Having identified alternative, figure out what is the real consequence of each alternative is necessary. However, different objective often conflict with each other and thus it is important to trade off and strike a balance (Hammond, et al., 1999).

Although this method separates the decision making process into parts, there exist interrelationship between different parts. If decision maker cannot define problem well, they may overlook some objectives they want to achieve. Similarly, clear objective will help to identity according alternative to achieve it. This report focused on the “Objective” part of this book and relationship between this part and planning methodology.

Discussion of chapter 3

The chapter3 of this book introduces methods to guide decision maker to a full set of identity objective. : What do decision maker want to achieve through this decision making. In other words, what is this policy work for? What the policy maker want to solve or accomplish by formulating policies. This part first explains why clear objective is important. In general, objective can guide the whole decision making process. Objective state where you want to go, if objective is wrong you are highly possible to lose your way. More specifically, identity all objective is vital criteria for formulating and evaluating full alternatives. If an objective is missed, consequently the alternative to achieve it will be missed. A full set of objective can also help you in evaluating the importance of certain decision and guide you to search for relevance information to progress decision making process. Most important is a full set of objective guide you to all you want rather than make an unbalanced decision concerning only some objective but omit others and thus result in unsatisfied result. In addition, sufficient objectives can be useful to justify your final choice to others. While real and full set of objective is not apparent as people think, it require deeper and wider reflection to identity them. The authors of the book propose a process to facility identification of objectives. Basically,...
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