Singur Nano Controvaersy

Topics: Socialism, Communism, Tata Nano Pages: 7 (2383 words) Published: November 16, 2013
The term ‘Utopia’ was coined by Thomas More, meaning a perfect environment. Francis Bacon, in his book New Atlantis, advocated a scientific approach. He thought of a research-institute-like society where inhabitants studied science in an effort to create a harmonious environment through their accumulation of knowledge. There were 40 utopian-themed novels written between 1700 and 1850 because of many social injustices prevalent at those times, like slavery and oppression. The idea of socialism was not popular until 1700s, when the industrial revolution caused some drastic changes around the world. Socialism emerged as a result of Capitalism, which believed that the working conditions of workers can be improvised if the control of production can be moved from capitalist to the state. The main figures during the origin of socialism were Robert Owen, Karl Marx, Claude Henri de Saint-Simon, Louis Blanc, Charles Fourier and some others. In The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx stated:

The bourgeoisie, during its rule of scarce one hundred years, has created more massive and more colossal productive forces than have all preceding generations together. Subjection of Nature's forces to man, machinery, application of chemistry to industry and agriculture, steam-navigation, railways, electric telegraphs, clearing of whole continents for cultivation, canalization of rivers, whole populations conjured out of the ground—what earlier century had even a presentiment that such productive forces slumbered in the lap of social labour. The main ideology of modern socialists was not to disrupt the technological advancements, but to redistribute the outcomes and profits more fairly. We are now going to analyse Tata Singur Controversy on the basis of socialism and its principles.

Analysis of Singur Tata Nano controversy

Singur Tata Nano Issue refers to the controversy generated by the land acquisition of the proposed Nano factory of Tata Motors at Singur in Hoogly district, West Bengal, India.Singur gained international media attention since Tata Motors started constructing a factory to manufacture their $2,500 car, the Tata Nano at Singur. CPI(M) was the ruling party when this incident occurred. The state government of West Bengal facilitated the controversy by using 1894 land acquisition act ruleto conduct an eminent domain takeover of 997 acres (4.03 km2) of farmland to have Tata build its factory. Reason behind this decision of CPI (M):

In the 1950s the Indian state of West Bengal was one of the most industrialized states in the country. Bidhan Roy, its first chief minister, founded large industrial plants. In the 1960s and 1970s, the industrial development slowed down. Consequently other states attracted industrial investment and experienced job growth. The rapid rise in the population of West Bengal has not been accompanied by significant economic growth. CPI(M) being extremely communistic believes that “people of any and every place should all own the tools, factories, and farms that are used to produce goods and food” this thought paved way for the setup of Tata’s new Industry at Singur. Local politicians gained power by promising agricultural land to landless farmers, but given West Bengal's population density, the land-holdings are small and the yields are insufficient to sustain poor families.While the shift from agriculture to industrial jobs requires re-training, given India's economic growth, it provides an opportunity for earning higher income. Several states have proposed to offer land to Tata Motors if they abandon the project in Singur. The site is the most fertile one in the whole of theSingur, and the Singur block, in turn, is among the most highly fertile in West Bengal. Consequently, almost the entire local population depends on agriculture with approximately 15000 making their livelihood directly from it. With the number of direct jobs to be created no more than about 1,000, many of which are...
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