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Peter Singer Essay

Peter Singer and his philosophy have received a range of praise and criticism for his progressive views. Some have called him the most dangerous man in the world, while others consider him a hero in the teachings of morality and ethics. His detractors make mention of his views on Animal Equality, blasting his comparisons of modern man’s treatment of animals to that of; slavery the Holocaust, human suffering and infanticide. Singer’s essay, All Animals Are Equal, poses the argument that all sentiment beings are entitled to the most basic of dignities and consideration, no different than those considerations reserved for humans. Singer draws no line of distinction between our species and other species who we, as humans often view as resources. Morality is hard, and living in an industrialized country, namely America today, makes it that much more difficult. Singer receives harsh criticisms and even death threats for his stances on these issues of morality, but as Singer continues to ask the hard questions and walk the walk, he may become just a footnote in history, or the most important Philosopher or our generation.

To understand Singers view on Animal Equality, one must do away with all the pre-conceived notions of animals in our lives and the role they play in our yards, pastures and on our dinner table. Animals and our understanding of their functionality, processing skills and sentient capabilities has evolved and we now know, that many of the animals that we use for food do indeed have the capacity to feel many of the same feelings that we humans share. Chickens, pigs and cattle, are the most common critter brought to our table for consumption and all three have the ability to socialize, feel and most importantly, to suffer. Singer asserts that if we see no distinction between the lower functioning members of our human society and those of average of higher mental capabilities and their entitlement to be free of...

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