Simons Decision Making Process

Topics: Genetic algorithm, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 19, 2011
The design of decision-making is an essential part. A pilot study of design in organizations suggests that already in the design stage choice focuses on a few important aspects, highlighting the importance of design in affecting the quality of outcomes. Design may be search or creativity, or a blend of both. While search is probably a significant part of design, there may be a residue of basically irrational creativity. These observations suggest that design should be deliberately undertaken in decision- and policy-making, by intensifying search, developing and utilizing design methods, and providing organizational creativity-enhancing environments. Simon’s decision making process is one of the best processes of analyzing a problem and to find the solution to it Simon's decision making process is based on premise that decision rash null. It is characterized by limited information processing and use of rules. In Simmons decision-making process there are four phases i. Intelligence phase ii. Design phase iii. Choice phase iii. Implementation phase When we get a problem at that time we are at intelligence phase to plan and solve the problem as we get it then we move to the Design phase. In Design phase we analyses the problem and designs the processes to solve the problem, with the use of genetic algorithm we design a algorithm as the solution to the. After analyzing the problem and Designing the algorithm to the problem we move to the Choice phase where the actual work of finding the solution to the problem takes place that is here we choose the best algorithm among all which is best suitable to the given problem, such as "ACO" algorithm which is called the ant colony optimization algorithm or Simulated annealing (SA) is a related global optimization technique that traverses the search space by testing random mutations on an individual solution. A...
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