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Topics: Suffering, Knowledge, Compassion Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 7, 2014

The relationship between a parental figure and a child is the most critical relationship. One should be able to know that they can run to their parents for any needed help.Struggling to face trials and tribulations throughout their life, one desires the comfort and realization that parents await them at home with arms opened wide.

In The Chosen, Danny and his father do not portray a healthy father/son relationship. Reb Saunders communicates with his son the only way he knows how to; through silence. The only conversing fit to have with his son, in his mind, is when discussing the Talmud. One may contemplate the idea of the silent treatment only as causing suffering for his son, rather than displaying fatherly love.

Convinced differently, Reb raises his child in screaming silence. They do not talk about sports or problems or girls or friends; they talk merely about the Talmud only. All through his life Danny wonders why his father chose to not speak to him, but it shows he couldn't find fitting words to teach his son the lessons of life. He wanted to show his son love and to show compassion. When you let one's world expand in silence they learn to be fit with their own self. They suffer silently because that is all they know to do. They learn that hurt and grief are real. Danny needed to be enlightened by his own emotions because his brilliance shadowed over who he was.

Danny may not have realized why his father never spoke to him at first, but he learned the intentional message sent through that silence. He realized the distress of having no one to talk to and his heart was softened through his grief. He noticed that he learned that people do suffer but most people suffer silently, making it impossible for people to know to help. He came to the sense of realizing that his father screamed meaning through his whole life and taught him more than he ever imagined. He learned how to be...
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