Significan Events in Europe that affected the Philippines

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The Philippines had been colonized by Spain for 300 years. Within three centuries, the Spaniards had greatly influenced the country. Though indirect, major events in the West, particularly in Europe, had affected Spain. Because of this, there was a huge impact and major changes in the Philippines, as Spain’s colony.

At around 18th and 19th century, changes in the world were precipitated by three great revolutions in Europe and in America. The industrial revolution is basically an economic revolution which started with the invention of steam engine and resulted to the use of machinery in the manufacturing sector in the cities of Europe. It has changed the economy of Europe from feudalism—an economic system which relied on land and agriculture--to capitalism which relied on machinery and wage labor. The Industrial Revolution that started in Europe had repercussions to the Philippine economy. The economic opportunities created by the Industrial Revolution had encouraged Spain in 1834 to open the Philippine economy to world commerce. As a result, new cities and ports were built. Foreign firms increased rapidly. Foreigners were allowed to engage in manufacturing and agriculture. These effects in the economy in the Philippines had been favorable to the country. There were more opportunities for the Indios to take and it had definitely paved the way for a better trading industry in the country.

The French Revolution resulted to the anarchy and political disturbance in Spain, which caused a turbulent century of political disturbances during this era. Because of this political turmoil in the motherland, the global power of the “Siglo de Oro of Spain in the sixteenth century as the mistress of the world with extensive territories had waned abroad in the nineteenth century. Her colonies had gained momentum for independence owing to the cracks in political leadership in the motherland. The divided power of Spain was triggered by successive change of regimes due...

by John S. Schumacher
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