Siemens Expanding the Knowledge Management System ShareNet to Research & Development

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Siemens is multinational cooperation headquartered in Munich and work in indifferent six segment which are, Information and communication, Automation and control, Power, transportation, Medical and lighting. Each segment is dependent and has several group following and they depend on decentralization matrix structure which help in entrepreneurial development and be more closer to the customers. The largest segment of Siemens Information and communication, which include three group, Siemens Business Service, Information & Communication Mobile and the case focus in the third group Information and Communication Network ICN. The main key player in this case of expanding ShareNet to Research & Development Functions to support sharing knowledge to improve Siemens Business process is Janina Kugel vice president of business Transformation & Knowledge Management and Operation & Business team. Case Analysis:

In this case the main issue was is Kugel’s proposal to expand the KMS ShareNet, which was successful innovation when it was implemented first in Market & sales community to be applied in Research & development function. Also, if this proposal fit in R&D will it give the same result and users will adopted easily? Since the nature of Siemens work is distributed among different geographical areas Siemens ICN’s Group Executive group Management ensure the importance of innovation and the need share knowledge between employees and partners having both Explicit & tacit knowledge available to improve the works and that will gain the benefit of value Network to survive difficulties but with strict cost criteria. So, the Kugel provide three options to proceed: 1.Replicate the system

2.Adapt implementation process and establish several smaller groups 3.Customize the implementation process and expand the ShareNet usage In the case the project go through 5 stages staring with Definition and prototyping, to create conceptual definitions, set a vision to...
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