Siddhartha Reflection by Megan Bergland

Topics: Hermann Hesse, Knowledge, Personal life Pages: 3 (1219 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Megan Bergland
January 29, 2013
Siddhartha the Holy One
Everyone has something they believe in, as well as their own vocation in life. It’s what shapes us into the person we are, our morals, and what we want to achieve. This topic brings up the question, does what we believe really matter? Many different opinions can come up regarding this question, but I believe that what we believe really does matter.

I believe Herman Hesse’s novel, Siddhartha, majorly supports his claim that what we believe matters. While reading the novel, it is constantly bringing up new characters that each have different beliefs, and what they want to achieve in life. Ones beliefs can change overtime based on learning from new experiences. Throughout the novel, Siddhartha experienced a lot of changes in his beliefs. He started believing in the Brahmin way of life, gaining knowledge from not only his father, but also others who studied Brahmin. While with Brahmin individuals he found he was thirsty for more. He soon realized that that there was still so much to learn about, and the Brahmin’s could only teach him so much. He believed that it was time to find a new path, so he became a Samana. He began fasting and gave up all materialistic things that could be an illusion of happiness. His main goal as a Samana was rid of his Self, meaning he wanted to become empty of thirst or desire for anything and everything. This just goes to show that one’s beliefs can change and so can your own goals, in order so one can achieve their ultimate goal in life. Having those beliefs will put you on the right path to their ultimate goal. It may take different beliefs that are grouped together, but either way it can take you to your highest goal and help carry your vocation.

While reading the novel it really made me become more optimistic that “search for meaning” can have a successful outcome. What it taught me was that what we believe does matter and it will help us when it comes...
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