Siddhartha Essay

Topics: Fraud, Knowledge, Experience Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Knowledge can be a burden rather than a benefit because having knowledge might stifle creativity and knowledge could be abused. A few examples from famous people and my personal experiences demonstrate that knowledge could be more of a burden.

One notable experience would be a business competition that I once participated in. In this competition, we had to come up with a proposal for a new business and execute it. The team with the highest sales revenue wins. The other team has many experts who studied a business course in high school and has all the knowledge about various business principles such as revenue maximization. My team, on the other hand, was made up of business amateurs with no business knowledge but we made up for that with our passion for business. The opposing team was obsessed on whether their business plans met the business principles that we taught during their business course. Our team, though, was more concerned about what sells and relied on our instincts. We were bold and creative in our business model and in the end our business came out on top. The other team floundered as they were too caught up with their business knowledge and were too timid to try things outside of the box. Thus, this experience shows that knowledge could be a burden as it could act as an impediment to trying some things new and creative. Knowledge, especially those from books, could be far from reality and stifle creativity. People could become too caught up with knowledge and forget their own instincts. Thus, knowledge could be more of a burden rather than benefit as it stifles your creativity and instinct.

Another reason why knowledge could be more of a burden is due to the fact that knowledge could be abused. One notable example would be that of Martha Stewart where she has the insider knowledge of an impending loss in her stock value. Hence she sold her stocks and committed a felony for both insider trading and lying to federal investigators to try to...
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