Shemela and Zeus

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A long time ago there were gods and goddesses that helped the world work. They controlled the harvest, the weather, the tides in the ocean, the plants and the trees, and many other things.
Shemela, the Sea Goddess was a very beautiful woman; she had shoulder length hair the color of liquid sunshine, a brilliant blonde. Her eyes were deep seaweed green. Shemela had many dresses, some were light blue and flowed like an ocean wave, some were an amazing purple like a sea urchin from the not very deep depths of the ocean, but the dress she had on that day was a tantalizing magenta with silver swirls on the bottom. It was floor length and had short flows of fabric for sleeves. Shemela’s friend Pam, the Earth Goddess, joined her for fruit picking that day. They were going to pick many tropical fruits from the Garden of Eden to make Zeus’s favorite fruit salad. All of the Gods raved about the perfect sweet and sour mix of the recipe Shemela had made up. Shemela and Zeus were very much in love, and Shemela thought the salad would be a perfect showing of her affection for him because the salad takes hours to make, because it has so many steps to it. Although Zeus was the God of all Gods, he was a simple and quiet God. He was very much in love with Shemela and wanted to propose to her but didn’t know how, when he heard from Pam that Shemela and her were going to pick fruits for his favorite salad he knew that would be the perfect time to propose. Pam knew that this was to be the night that Zeus was going to profess his love for Shemela and ask for her hand in marriage so she wanted it to be perfect and that’s why she was going to help pick fruits with Shemela. Also, Pam makes a killer vanilla apple pie and wanted to get some of the amazing apples from the Garden of Eden to make it.

Pam was so excited to get her apples and about her best friend getting married she almost burst! The ground was growing flowers everywhere she walked because she was thinking about the flowers that would be at the wedding, there were lily’s, daisies, tulips, roses, babies breath, iris, orchids, peonies, lilac, freesia, verbenas, gerberas, daffodils and many more. Shemela couldn’t help but laugh, she didn’t know why Pam was thinking about flowers but it was clear she was. When they arrived to pick fruit at the Garden of Eden, Demor the Devil King was waiting for them. He had over heard Pam telling Zeus where they were going through a crack in the ground that led to the underworld where Demor Lived. Demor grabbed Shemela and drug her onto his golden black chariot. Shemela shrieked in terror as they flew up into the Heavens. She fought back as hard as she could but Demor was too strong. Pam started screaming for help but no one was around. Pam ran as fast as she could to go tell Zeus what had happened. Zeus was terrified that he would never see his beloved again. He vowed to rescue his love, no matter how badly he got hurt.

Zeus had the power of lightning, but Demor had the power of fire. Demor was also stronger than Zeus. Zeus feared that there was nothing that he could do to save Shemela. He would not give up, so he flew up higher and higher into the Heavens to search for Shemela and Demor, but they weren’t anywhere to be seen. Zeus was broken hearted; he knew he would never see his love again. As he lowered his head in defeat he looked upon the earth and saw Demor standing on huge red – orange rocks. Demor had a sickly smile on his face he was waiting for Zeus. Zeus yelled at his lighting horses and snapped the reigns; the lightning horses exploded through the sky and plummeted toward the Earth. When Zeus got to Earth, he was unable to find Shemela anywhere. He yelled at Demor “Where is my love, Shemela?!”

This infuriated Demor and he replied, “Shemela is mine, and you can’t have her back unless you fight me and win! She is MY love! And will NEVER be yours again Little Brother Lighting!” You see, Demor was in...
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