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As a practitioner, according to the relevant standards, I am expected to reflect on the children’s work and find out what they are very good at and what they could improve on. I must then set tasks for each child that will help them improve on their weaker subjects. It is important to give some sort of praise to children when they do well in something as it encourages them to carry on and it is important to help a child if they are struggling. I am also expected to understand what effective practice is. Effective practice requires committed, enthusiastic and reflective practitioners with a depth of knowledge, skills and understanding. In order to be an effective practitioner I must use my own learning to improve my work with the children in a way that is positive, sensitive and non-judgemental. Being an effective and reflective practitioner requires demonstrating and improving my: Relationship with the children and parents

Understanding of the individual and diverse ways that children develop and learn Practice in meeting all the children’s needs
Work with other professionals
To be a reflective practitioner I must know the techniques of reflective analysis: Questioning what, why and how
Seeking alternatives
Keeping an open mind
Thinking about consequences

I am also expected to record each child’s qualifications. For example, if a child has a swimming award, I must put it on record and keep the record safe at the work place. I am also expected to observe the children’s development. This means I must keep track of the rate at which each child is developing and check if any of them seem to be developing slower than the others and are struggling with things more, or whether any of them seem to be developing quicker and whether there are any causes for concern. I am also expected to evaluate my own performance. Evaluating my own performance is important as it helps me improve my professional practice. When self-evaluating, I must consider the...
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