Seven Characteristics of Human

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Seven Characteristics to Human Beings . . “Bicentennial Man”

Seven characteristics to Human Beings
1. Humans are created in the image and the likeness of God: As Catholics and Christians, we believe that God has created human beings in the divine image. God has formed us from the dust of the earth and gave us a special dignity among all the works of creation. Human beings have been made for relationship with God, to live in peace with each other, and to take care of the rest of creation. We believe that human beings were created good in the image of God. As creatures according to the divine likeness, we have been made to subdue and to care for creation out of reverence and honor for the Creator. As creatures made in the divine image, we have been blessed with the abilities to respond faithfully to God, to live in harmony with other human beings, and to engage in meaningful work and rest. Based on the movie “Bicentennial Man”, the Martin family was an average family, although quite wealthy, the family was completely human. Even though the family’s religion was not mentioned, family members got married and performed a religious act such as funerals for the deceased. During those special occasions, individuals showed love, sympathy, humor, and cleverness towards one-another. For that reason, the Martin family was capable to know and love the “Creator”. Only we humans are called to share, by knowledge and love, in God’s own life.

2. Humans are called to happiness and holiness:
In order for people to draw closer God, God has placed the desire for happiness in the human heart. True happiness can only be found in a relationship with God, the journey is a long-time purpose of our existence. Therefore, God calls us to be holy so that our desire for happiness may be fulfilled. An example in the movie “Bicentennial Man” is when Little Miss got married, instantly she was very joyful and excited about her new life. When people perform the holy ceremony of marriage, they are becoming closer to God for the reason that marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. Although marriage indicates happiness and holiness between two beings, it is not destined to work out between all individuals; since Little Miss ended up being divorced. Occasionally, it is often said that marriage is the happiest day of a person’s life, for on that day, the happiness and holiness of God has befallen two couples in a religious ceremony.

3. Humans are Rational and Free:
Based on the movie “Bicentennial Man”, human beings can be rational for the reason that they are agreeable to reason. As a result, mankind is reasonable, intelligent, objective and sensible to issues that seem confound. For that fact, humans use their rationality utilized with their free will. In the movie, Andrew develops rationality and asks for freedom from his master. Sir becomes bewildered at Andrew's alleged ungratefulness and, in essence, kicks him out; with a self-righteous "You now have your freedom." So Andrew goes off and builds a house of his own on the Oceanside, where Little Miss can come to visit him as often as she likes. After Sir's death, Andrew feels something missing from his "life," so he goes on a twenty year journey to seek out other robots like him. Unlike robots, human beings are “free” because individuals have minds of their own, causing them to think, feel, and act in a way that is suitable for their needs. Andrew has been “programmed” to perform every single task; from the simplest to the most perplex and is therefore not considered to be free as humans are. Consequently, we can understand the order of things established by the creator; God. By free will, we can...
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