Secondary Curriculum

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Secondary Education Curriculum (SEC)
The refinement of the secondary education curriculum was guided by the need, as articulated in the Education for All Plan 2015, to streamline its content in order to improve student mastery and contribute to the attainment of functional literacy. This became a primary consideration in the design of the curriculum and the formulation of standards and the essential understandings from which the content of the curriculum was derived. Curriculum Content

The 2010 Secondary Education Curriculum still patterned the content of the curriculum to the 2002 Restructured Basic Education Curriculum. It still includes the five major learning areas: 1.English

a.Araling Panlipunan
b.Technology and Livelihood Education
c.Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health
d.Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga
The Values Education (VE) is integrated throughout the different learning areas. Strategies and Techniques
Content standards, which specify the essential knowledge (includes the most important and enduring ideas, issues, principles and concepts from the disciplines), skills and habits of mind that should be taught and learned. They answer the question, “What should students know and be able to do?” Performance standards, which express the degree or quality of proficiency that students are expected to demonstrate in relation to the content standards. They answer the question, “How well must students do their work?” or “At what level of performance would the student be appropriately qualified or certified?” Essential Understandings, which are the big and enduring ideas at the heart of the discipline and which we want the children to remember even long after they leave school. Essential Questions, which are open-ended, provocative questions that spark thinking and further inquiry into the essential meanings and understandings. Curriculum Objectives, which are expressed in terms of knowledge and skills...
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