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Assignment 3

From the article I have read about the SECI model can be applied from my understanding that the SECI model is the process of knowledge creation has been to understand the nature of the knowledge creation and manage the process efficiently Nonaka proposed the SECI model. The spiral of knowledge which has been involved in the model are the areas where explicit and tacit knowledge interact with each other through a continuous process. The process thus leads to the creation of new knowledge. The central idea of the model is that the knowledge which has been held by the individuals can be shared with the other individuals which will help to interconnect with the new knowledge. The spiral of knowledge is the amount of knowledge which grows as more of the levels interact with each other in the given model.

The various parts of the SECI model are socialization, externalization, combination and internalization. Socialization is the sharing of knowledge by the face to face communication or by the method of shared experience. The informal social intercourse will be the teaching through practical information. The example of such is apprenticeship. The other part is known as externalization which is the conversion of the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge by developing various concepts and models. This phase converts the tacit knowledge to understandable knowledge which can be interpreted by the various individuals to get us from the information. The externalized source and theoretical knowledge is the base for creating new knowledge. The combination is the method of the compilation of the external, explicit knowledge of the broader entities and also the concept systems. The knowledge in the explicit form will be combined with the knowledge that has been documented earlier. This is the phase where the knowledge will be analyzed and organized. The internalization is the understanding of the explicit knowledge. This will...
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