Topics: Islam, Pakistan, Lahore Pages: 4 (520 words) Published: June 23, 2013
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Course Title: Islamiat & Pakistan Studies Course No: BS (A/F): ISP 205 Class: BS (A/F), BS (Commerce)Course No: BS (Commerce): ISP 205 B.Com (Annual System)B.Com (Annual System): Part II, Paper III

Islamic studies

|Topic |Sections | |Khutaba Hujjat-ul- Wida |Section A | |( Farewell Adress) | | |The life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) |Section A | | |Section A | |Birth of the Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H) |Section A | |Life before Prophethood |Section A | |Prophethood |Section A | |Preaching and Difficulties |Section A | |The Hijrah (Migration to Al-Madina) |Section A | |Brotherhood and Treaty of Al-Madina |Section A | |(a) Mesaq-e- Madinah |Section A | |Ghazwat-i-Nabvi ( Holy Wars) |Section A | |Ghazwah-i-Badar |Section A | |Ghazwah-i-Uhad |Section A | |Ghazwah-i-Ahzab. ( Ghazwah-i-Khandiq) |Section A | |Sulah Hadaibiyah and Bait-e-Ridwan |Section A | |Ghazwah-i-Khyber |Section A | |V Mutah |Section A | |Conquest of...
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