Scheme of Work

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Annual plant Pages: 4 (431 words) Published: August 19, 2011
Centre:Course Code:

Name of CourseHorticultureSession length:2.5 hours

Name of tutor:Number of sessions:6
Aims of course:
To introduce students to horticulture giving them a basic understanding of plant life. Demonstrating and giving practical sessions on planting bulbs and seeds to develop the student’s skills and knowledge.

Assumed knowledge:

Basic skills read & write and ICT

To enrich the learners’ experience and in line with Ofsted priorities, embed these 6 strands into your scheme of work IN THE SPACES BELOW, WRITE HOW EACH WILL BE COVERED DURING THE COURSE Health & Safety – ensuring learners are safe

The classroom is suitable for the purpose of teaching/ learning that is safe from dangers, and hazards.

Equality & DiversityBased on individual identified needs, differentiation and learning styles have been taken into account.

Literacy, Language, Numeracy
Will be integrated into the activities
Information and Learning TechnologyWill be integrated into the activities

Education for Sustainable Development

Progression to the next level, another course, employment, volunteering etc

Part of your lesson observation

Week or dateLearning outcomes and summary of session topicsTeacher activitiesLearner activitiesAssessment methodsResources

1Students will learn
the differences between
annual, biennial and perennial life cycles.
Discussion of life cycles: use concept of the ‘timeline’ to explain
Small group work -Students to research plants which fit into each category Targeted questions
Check individual
understanding and
HandoutsExamples of
Blackboard, chalk
Paper / Pens
2Students will learn
the differences between
. ‘hardy’ and ‘half hardy’ plants

Introduce concept of ‘hardy’ and ‘half hardy’
plantsStudents to research plants which fit into
each categoryTargeted questions
Check individual
understanding and
HandoutsExamples of
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