same sex marriage

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Same Sex Marriage in the U.S.
Same sex marriage has been a controversial topic around the world for the last few years. Legalizing this topic is a struggle, in the sense that many oppose it because of various reasons. One being religious studies, whereas it is not accepted in their religion, others being an opinion-based reason, they don’t agree because it is just not their type. There has not yet been a legitimate reason as to why this topic should not be accepted in society. Legalizing it in the United States has been taking a while, only because thirty-eight states are still keeping it illegal while the rest have approved of it. Through court rulings, and taking the popular votes, nine states in the US have legalized it. Those thirty-eight states that are keeping it illegal are going along with the DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act. This was enacted in 1996 and prevents the government from recognizing same-sex marriage, and allows each state to decide whether or not they would like to recognize it. Same sex marriage falls under the theory of Social Pathology, because these acts of same sex relationships have been put down in the structure of society of those states that don’t agree with the idea. It also adds on how some think this may be morally or biologically wrong, which is not the right way to look at it. Many republicans look at topics similar to this as morally or biologically incorrect, they do not allow them selves to be a little open minded about certain topics, such as same sex marriage. Same sex marriage in the United States has had thousands of news reports discussing on where it stands in different states of the US, and the reasons as to why people do not agree with it. This also helps to show how it falls under social pathology because no matter how much people discuss the topic, there are those out there that will be stubborn, not changing their minds, and put those that support same-sex marriage down.

Same sex marriage has been on the political radar for a little over ten years now. It first begun when Hawaii denied the idea that two same gender should share an intimate relationship, stating how it did not fall under their constitution. This then starting an entire controversy among the United States, where each state got involved trying to come together with their own ideas of what they think of this idea. It was when Massachusetts first legalized same sex marriage in 1994 that got the rest of the states attention on how one state can officially legalize such a difficult topic. It was only difficult in the sense that once it was legalized there was no turning back, and that also could influence the rest of the citizens’ ideas on how they feel especially those that disagree. There was no right answer to this cause.

As years went on more and more voices opposing and supporting this idea were being heard. Many non-profit organizations came together to show their ideas, and were trying to get the attentions of their governments. One of the main profit organizations was the Freedom to Marry. This organization was going around state-by-state giving educational lectures about their idea on same sex marriage, and persuading the states to recognize and legalize it. Now, they receive donations to help make their organization more well known, and help them achieve their goals in recognize same sex marriage. This organization was a big help and added on to helping the states choose their idea on same sex marriage. In statistics it shows that thirty-eight states have banned same sex marriage through constitutional amendments, just like how Hawaii first banned it using the excuse that it was stated in their constitution. Six states have not fully banned it; only allow civil unions, but not marriage. Those states include Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Nine states is the number of states that allow same-sex marriage, along with the District of Columbia. They are Connecticut,...
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