sale of goods act 1957

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Moral relativism Pages: 4 (396 words) Published: March 18, 2014



Chap 1:


The Nature of Morality

Multiple-Choice Questions
1. Who wrote “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?”
A. Albert Carr
B. Robert Solomon

2. What moral view did Albert Carr implicitly endorse?
A. Moral absolutism
B. Moral relativism

3. Professional codes of ethics lie between __________.
A. Ethical relativism and divine command theory
B. Law and etiquette

4. When pressure for unanimity within a highly cohesive group overwhelms its member’s desire or ability to appraise the situation realistically or consider alternative forms of action what occurs?

A. Groupthink
B. Immorality

5. A valid argument __________.
A. Must have true premises
B. Need not have true premises

6. A sound argument might have __________.
A. False premises
B. True premises

7. Moral arguments are arguments whose conclusions will __________. A. Lead to action
B. Be moral judgments





8. Morality in the narrow sense is
A. The moral code of an individual or society.
B. The values, ideals and aspirations that shape our lives.

9. Morality in the broad sense
A. Encompasses moral relativism as a true theory of morality B. Includes the values, ideals and aspirations that shape our lives

10. One of the major characteristics of an organization is __________. A. A resistance to change
B. The shared acceptance of organizational norms aimed at furthering organizational goals.


Structure Questions
1. Define the followings:
a. Ethics
b. Business ethics
c. Professional codes
d. Ethical relativism
e. Conscience
(10 marks)
2. Differentiate between moral and non-moral standards. Which will take priority over the other?
(5 marks)
3. What is etiquette? Is it of a moral or non-moral standard? (3 marks)
4. Provide the distinction between morality and legality.
(2 marks)
5. How to evaluate moral arguments?
(3 marks)
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