sahil KOLB s assignment

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Psychology Pages: 3 (582 words) Published: January 28, 2015

Assignment Name: KOLB`s Learning Style Inventory (LBI)

Submitted by: Sahil Sharma. 300825248

College Name: Centennial College
Course Name: Contemporary Organizational Behaviour

Course Code: 702

Section: 101

Instructor Name: Sheldon Shiewitz

Date submitted: 20th Jan 2015

In my perspective; According to present scenario, learning process plays a significant role in developing new ideas and possibilities effectively and efficiently in a learners mind. Every learner has different skills to Understand and grab knowledge. According to David Kolb’s learning styles, there are four modes- Accommodating, diverging, converging and assimilating. If I place score grades on different words been Provided, then the best scores are in Scale AE and CE, on the other hand, the least scores are in RO and AC. Furthermore; after subtracting AC by CE and AE by RO, results are -3 and 11. Therefore I fall in a category of Assimilator who instead of feeling, they think and then apply their strategies.

Basically I am a visual and creative learner because of the fact that I can learn things easily in a visualized Surroundings instead of more theoretical, I prefer to observe things and then learn and apply in future. I am always been keen interested in involving myself in creative task because I can explore my talent in more Better way. According to KOLB’s Learning Model, I have random abilities such as Abstract Conceptualisation And Reflective Observation that means I learn things which are based on particular concepts and observation in a reasonable and logical way. I think that the best...
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