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Topics: Morality, Ethics, Belt Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: November 1, 2012
English 11
Sagging Pants Essay
First impressions is one of the most important things people think about when they first meet someone. Meeting someone the first time, and seeing their pants hang below their buttocks, is not of the best first impressions someone can make. Sagging is one of the main trends young men in our community have been exhibiting. It shows that these lads don’t care about what anyone thinks about them and how they appear to people outside of their normal everyday community. The fact that District 215 plans on banning sagging and giving consequences to those who sag, is a very good idea to me. It’ll help them look better, let them know that there will be consequences for the inappropriate things they do, and also get them prepared for the ‘real’ world. Teenagers tend to follow any trend that their peers thinks is cool, these trends have become an expression to some of these young individuals. Sagging pants below the waist line, has been a very big issue in the community nowadays, the trend was said to be brought up by prisoners who weren’t allowed to wear belts, due to safety reason back in the days. The trend has come a long way since then, the youth would rather sag their pants, then use an actual belt. Sagging, does nothing but make the individual look uncivilized, these young men walk around with their pants down to their ankles and think it’s fine because everyone around them does it. This negative trend has had a very bad impact on the community, in some places like New York, California and Florida you can get arrested for sagging. These young men fail to realize that just because they refuse to put on a belt before they leave the house, they can easily be taken to jail over trying to impress their friends and trying to look ‘cool’. Furthermore, District 215 consideration to ban sagging and giving out severe consequences to those who sag is a very good idea to me. Unlike other people my age, am not against...
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