Russian Revolution VS. Chinese Revolution

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16 January 2014
The Same Revolution?: The Russian and Chinese Communist Revolution
Many question the many similarities and differences between the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Communist Revolution and how they may have been the same historical rebellion. Using Crane Brinton’s Anatomy of a Revolution to compare and contrast the two revolutions’ stages, there might be an answer to the debatable question. While during the Russian Revolution, they started out united, a new government was built, and the Kerensky Offensive was created and overpowered, and the Chinese Communist Revolution started off when the Nationalists had a bigger, but weaker group as to the Communists who strived for victory, Mao Zedong controlled over the Chinese, and the People’s Republic of China was established, it is understandable that both innovations has thrown out the government to only replace it with another compelling leader.

The first revolutionary stage is, “Impossible demands made of government which, if granted, would mean its end.” This was shown in the Russian Revolution by Russians asking for food, equal rights, and an end to the war. They wanted World War I to end because it was the reason for the food shortage. The war was a disruption to agriculture and the government also had to finance for it, thus leading to inflation and prices increasing up to four times. On the other hand, the reason for the Chinese Revolution was because of the Nationalists and Communists not agreeing although they had a temporary alliance during the Japanese Invasion. Other reasonings were because the Chinese were in poverty and felt as if they were being exploited. The Russians and the Chinese asked for different things to happen, and the rebellions were started in two distinct ways.

The following stage is, “Unsuccessful government attempts to suppress revolutionaries.” When the government of Russia saw that citizens were revolting, they tried to put a stop to it by...
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