Russia Comunism

Topics: Communism, Marxism, J. Edgar Hoover Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Was the fear of Communism justified during the beginning of the 20th century? Why or why not? 
 After the end of World War I, America had to transition from wartime, to routines of peacetime. Laborers from all types of occupation, began declaring strikes demanding higher pay. These strikes began being led by political radicals, and were held in comparison to the communist revolution in Russia. Meanwhile, the Socialist Party continued to grow, forming two American communist parties in 1919. After the bombing of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer’s home, an epidemic named the “Red Scare”, began repressing mainly foreign political radicals in the U.S. Aided by J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the Justice Department, the Red Scare developed into a “series of raids on radical groups, often without either search or arrest warrants.” The Red Scare had a conflict of interests from Palmer, who had been personally attacked by prolabor factions. In an article to justify his raids, he stated “It is my belief that while they have stirred discontent in our midst, while they have caused irritating strikes, and while they have infected our social ideas with the disease their own minds and their unclean morals, we can get rid of them!” Communism did, and always be a threat to the U.S. and other democratic nations, but the Red Scare greatly promoted racial discrimination between immigrants and Americans.

Was the action taken “un-American?” Why or why not?

The raids caused the deportation of hundreds of immigrants. Many Americans shared the views of Attorney General palmer, but some Americans felt that their civil liberties were being breached. Many industry spokesmen for industry’s that depended on immigrant labor, began attacking Palmer’s views to stop associating political radicals with immigrants. William Allen White, editor of the Emproria Gazette in Kansas, openly criticized Palmers movement. He believed that “a man may believe what he chooses”, and “ he should be...
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