Role of Women After Communist Revolutions

Topics: Communism, People's Republic of China, Marxism Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 13, 2012
Lenin and Mao Zedong are known as powerful communist politicians and led many communist revolutions. Early on in the world, the roles of women have always been weak and they didn’t have authority. But during Communist revolutions, the role of women drastically changed in a positive way in both Russia and China, they were given more power. This answer would be more complete if there was a document from a woman who witnessed life after communist revolutions because it would be actual evidence and give a better understanding of the life during or after communist revolutions.

Document 1 is a great example of the support Lenin had for women that were working. “’It is essential that women workers take a greater part in the elections’” (Document 1). Lenin states that women should take part in politics but previously in history women would usually never have that sort of power or authority. Document 2 is in perspective of Emma Goldman, this document shows how a master had respected his servant and thought of himself no more than his servant. Document 3 goes very well with Document 2 because it is an official government poster in 1931 with a capitation saying, “Say goodbye to kitchen slavery!”(Document 3). Both these documents already show the uprising development of the roles of women in Russia under Lenin rule. In document 4, it shows how

In document 5 and 6 it discusses women in China and their work, Document 6 has a quote in perspective of Mao Zedong saying, “’Men and women must receive equal pay for equal work in production’” (Document 6). This easily shows how women began to become equal to men in terms of economy. Equality is quickly shown after communist revolutions of Mao Zedong. In Document 7, a poster is shown by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) with a caption “Become a red seedling-Strike root, flower and bear seeds in the places needs it most”, this poster can be interpreted that mothers are gaining support by the CCP.

Document 8 continues to show the...
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