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Topics: Computer-aided design, Decision theory, Decision engineering Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 6, 2014
The rise of the technological advancement in society has had a major impact in today’s world. Technological development has restructured the way businesses operate effecting the advertising, marketing, communication, and business structure. Explosion of technology are now utilizing many methods or solutions to overcome various problem that might happened in future. With the advancement in technology also, people are getting more self confident and sharp with their attitude and problem tackling ability. The greatest examples of how technology can overcome problems are in the business productivity itself. Communication is improved through the use of internet, emails, websites, and smart phones which allows workers to send messages, attached documents and instantly sending data all over the globe everywhere at anytime, eliminating the space and saving cost. in business industry, many businesses have multiple locations or branch that function independently from each other. Customer expect a uniform level of service thus managers in these facilities need collaboration software tools that help the location stay the same page with business practise. Instead of wasting time and money travelling to each location to ensure business conformity, all branches can join video conference call to make common decision and solve any problem. About products, they are manufactured in a modern genetics, was much shorter time than manual labor. For example in the stages of packaging, bottling, transportation to the genetics models have been replaced by machines hook which is more accurate and can work at any hour of the day. Morever, the advantage of computer aided manufacturing in robots and automation machine will replace the heavy and dangerous work for workers thus reducing level of accidents occur in workplace. By using yesterday’s and current technology as well, it will help in reducing running costs. Computer aided design are used to help design using computer models and 3D...
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