Ring of Gypes

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Justice Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: December 14, 2012
The Ring of Gyes
The story of “The Ring of Gyes” says justice is what we created base on what we think is moral, because we would rather throw out our ability to wrong others, than be wronged by others. For the example which Plato mentions in the metaphor, if both two people have a ring can make them invisible, no matter one is just and the other is unjust they would have the same results of using the ring because the justice is how we think we should judge the others. In reality, morality is like a pair of shackle, it imprisons human’s desire. Once the shackle is removed, our desire will become wild. In fact, law is the justice which we made for us to be self-restraint. Morality is a tool for human to prevent from harmful, but if there is an opportunity, people would not want to be ethical for morality.

In this society, most of us grow up with moral education since we are young; therefore, the morality becomes an invisible pressure for us to have the responsibly of being just, but in fact, human are self –individual. The real part of our mind thinks about us first instead for the society. If there is no law in the society, the society would be gone, because people do whatever they want to do and this world will no longer to have just. For example, imaging yourself on a high way with no car and no police in 2a.m. Although there is a punishment of speeding over the limit, your desire would want you to drive as fast as you can in order to be satisfied, because at this point you do not need to consider about the moral behavior because no one would see it. But if there is police on the high way, you would not speed, because you have to think about your behavior of speeding. Is it just or unjust? And there is a chance to get caught by police.
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