Rights for Women Sportcasters

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Rights for Women Sportscasters
Women sportscasters have been shunned for centuries. “Interviewees for this research cited various instances where women were hired for their looks than their sports knowledge.” I agree with Max V. Grubb and Theresa Billiot’s statement that women have been discriminated throughout the world of sports and journalism. Women should have the right to do what they love without being harassed by men. Women sportcasters should be respected, they should not be seen as sexual objects, and they should not try harder to prove themselves than men.

Women sportcasters are not taken as seriously as male sportcasters. When a women sportcaster acidentally makes a mistake they become a laughing stock, however; when male sportcasters make a mistake it is ignored and brushed off. Men believe it is not a women's place to commentate the sports they love. They do not beleive that women sportcasters have enough knowledge about the sport. "As sports journalism evolved, omen sought careers as sports journalists abd the challenges they encountered were perhaps more distinctive because they entered a domain which many have considered scared for men." (pg. 15).Women in the sports journalism indusrty need to be respected more. Men tend to comment on women's facial features and bodies than listen to the information they produce.

During the 1950s and 1960s women sportscasters such as Pauline Frederick and Nancy Dickerson, were hired for reasons other than their knowlege of sports. Women sportcasters have been seen as sexual objects rather than professional journalists. Gayle Gardner became the first female sports anchor to cover games on a weekly basis for CBS. Difficulties for women sportscasters continued for most women as viewers positioned them as sex symbols."They were just looking for a girl and they did not care who they hired as long it was a female." (pg.13) , stated Kristin Tallent. Producers want women to commentate sports so they can attract...
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