Richard Nixon End the Vietnam War

Topics: Richard Nixon, Vietnam War, Cold War Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: March 5, 2009
Richard Nixon Ends the Vietnam War
The Cold War was a dark time period. Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, had two wars on his hands. The first war was the fight to defeat the communists, and the second war was in Vietnam. The Vietnam War was a difficult war to win because it was against the communists, but Nixon found a way to end it. With the help of HUAC he was able to hunt down the communist. A major person he brought down was Alger Hiss. Richard Nixon ended the Vietnam War because of his tough anti-communist background with HUAC and Alger Hiss.

Richard Nixon was a tough anti-communist. Anti-communists are those who try to defeat the influence of communist political views (Anticommunism). The government created programs to help anti-communists. A major committee that the government created to investigate communist activity in the United States during the Cold War was called HUAC, the House of Un-American Activities Committee; furthermore it made the law Internal Security Act of 1950 which made communist organizations to register their members with the government (House Un-American). To help even more in confining the groups the HUAC made sure no communist was left uncounted. Individuals were identified by HUAC as a former or current member of the Communist Party (Anticommunism). With HUAC, the government kept a good watch on the communists. With all the help from HUAC it was near impossible for any communists to gather without someone knowing. Through his tough background Nixon became a leading force in anti-communistic groups. Predominately he was noticed for being very persuasive and political when it came to communism. He was a famous, notable anti-communist of his time (Fried 19). Nixon found himself in the middle of many cases dealing with taking down communists. He always tried to succeed in making sure communism did not spread far and wide in Asia.

Richard Nixon’s famous case consisted of taking down Alger Hiss....
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