Responsible World Citizen

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What are the qualities of a responsible world citizen?

A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection. This can apply to anybody, in any country across the world. Being a world citizen means being responsible for the country you live in, to help the people around you and to participate in a community. A world citizen should be knowledgeable, willing to learn, and able to look at all sides of an issue. A responsible world citizen should be open to new ideas and cultures, should not have ethnic or religious biases, and should also be humanitarian and understanding. This person would be able to look at the world and understand how actions cause ripple. They would think about the long term reactions to the things that they do; knowing that the decisions they make in the present will affect their future with consequences, good or bad. They are the change the wish to see in the world and they also want the other people around them to understand that their choices are not only impacting them, but the people around them as well. “…Every man’s death diminishes me.” (John Donne), what happens affects everyone; a responsible world citizen would keep this in mind with their decision making, knowing everything they choose affects the people that the care about as well. A world citizen considers themselves as part of a greater system of things. We are all simply different parts of the same universe--however you wish to view that, scientifically or spiritually. Even if they have a religion that they feel to be the most correct, they would never try to force their beliefs on another person. They are loyal to the rights of the people around them more so than they are their country. They would not feel the right to disrupt the rights of others, and they would support the freedom of all people; even if they are not as advanced as they believe them to be. World citizens with be accepting...
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