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Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Ocean Pages: 13 (3879 words) Published: May 2, 2014
Keep It Cool

Hayley Guion

English Composition II
Christina Sewell
22 July 2012

Topic Outline
Keep It Cool
Thesis Statement: Therefore, global warming is changing the earth, affecting the land and plants, also the land and the ocean animals, and finally humans. I. Biological and Physical Changes happening to the earth

A. Human activity
1. Chemical use
2. Deforestation
3. Industrial activity
B. Ozone Layer
1. Becoming thinner
2. Gases cannot escape

II. Land and Plants affected
A. Plant changes
1. Hotter, and dryer temperatures
2. Life cycles are changed
3. Photosynthesis is affected
B. Land changes
1. Water supply
2. Quality of food crops
3. Drought
III. Land Animals
A. Food shortages
B. Cows release methane gases
IV. Effects on the ocean
A. Rising oceans
1. Heavier flooding
2. The hurricane activity
B. Oceans temperatures increasing
1. Catastrophic heat waves
2. Melting glaciers
V. Ocean Life
A. Coral Reef
1. Climate changing
2. Warmer temperatures make it harder to survive
B. Marine Life
1. Penguins are becoming endangered
2. Polar bears, and seals
VI. Humans being affected by global warming
A. Human Health
B. Types of sicknesses taking over because of warmer temperatures VII. Greenhouse Effect
A. Atmosphere changes
1. Light and heat energy
2. Gases emitted into atmosphere
B. Gases
1. Carbon dioxide
2. Survival

The earth is literally melting. Global warming is causing the earth to overheat. This is the result of emissions released into the atmosphere through greenhouse gases and human activity. There are numerous reasons as to why this is happening and causing the earth to increase in temperature. Global warming occurs all over the world, and has been happening for many years now. Food shortages, contaminated water, extreme weather, and deadly heat threaten human health because of the rising temperatures. To this day, global warming has not only affected humans, but has also impacted all living creatures throughout the world. The effects caused by it can either be good or bad, but something somewhere is always being hurt or benefited from the rising temperatures, including animal and plant life. This can not only be harmful to the world, but can even be fatal; therefore, global warming is changing the earth, affecting the land and plants, also the land and ocean animals, and finally humans.

Global warming is causing many biological and physical changes to the earth. Every single intricate part of the world is being affected by global warming, no matter how big or small (Desonie). A natural cause of global warming is the tilting and the orbit of the earth (Casper, Julie Kerr. “Global Warming: The Big Picture”). However, human activity is the main cause of global warming today (Casper, Julie Kerr. “Global Warming Around the World”). Most humans are not aware that the dangerous chemicals they are using are polluting the earth. The main causes that humans are responsible for are; deforestation, industry and many other activities that cause natural gas to be released into the atmosphere (“Global Warming.” Compton’s by Britannica). This is making the weather unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Winters are also becoming increasingly shorter (Desonie). On the other hand, industrial activity by humans is causing carbon dioxide to accumulate in the earth’s atmosphere, which traps heat and causes higher temperatures. Many nations around the world are currently trying to control the use of substances that harm the ozone layer. As a result of the temperatures outside the atmosphere being hotter, the earth is heated, which causes global warming (Novi). The chemicals humans have made that are being released into the atmosphere are causing the ozone layer to be thinner and in turn to be less effective (Desonie ). This will lead to a weaker ozone layer. All living creatures are protected by the ozone layer. Without it, the earth...

Cited: “Global Warming May Affect Health.” Science Online. 2009. Facts on File, Inc. Web. 1 July 2012.
Novi Meadows Elementary “Global Warming.” Oracle Think Quest Education Foundation
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