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Topics: Methane, Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas Pages: 23 (6155 words) Published: July 2, 2013

A Thesis submitted to Lahore School of Economics


Omer Farooq

Award of degree of Bachelors of Buisness Administration (honors)


Lahore school of economics

How Technology Is Effecting Environment

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Mam zehra raza

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Omer Farooq



Certified that Omer farooq, id No. 09u0633 Session 2009 to 2013 has carried out and completed the research project entitled “ how technology is effecting enviornment” under my supervision for requirement for the award of Degree of Bachelor of business Administration Honors (Majors) by Lahore School of Economics. Research supervisor

(ZehraRaza) Lahore School of Economics

Table of content

Acknowledgement 5 Introduction 6 Research question 7 Literature review 8 Methodology 16 Research hypothesis 18 Theoretical framework 19 Cross tabulation analysis 20 Questionnaire 28 Conclusion 32 Bibliography 33


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me during the whole of my project. I would like to thank my family who helped me with the completion of my thesis. In the end, my gratitude also extends to my friends who have been assisting, supporting and caring for me all of my university life.

Chapter # 1


Overview of the topic under consideration
The topic that I have chosen for my research is ‘how new technology is affecting environment’. In this study i will discuss how new technology is affecting environment, what are the impacts that new technology have on environment. The major focus is on the usage of fossil fuels(automobiles), carbon trading and industries that pollute environment.

Background of the topic
The topic I have chosen have wide impacts on our planet that have made our planet patient. Technology is that science that separates human from the animals and most importantly it have shaped our lives in that manner that humans are more dependent on machinery then animals in the past .now the world has changed a lot people have now shifted from wheels to the computers. we can conclude that by advancing our technology we have come up with massive environmental degradation we have to face different destruction. we have realize that by advancing our living structure we are going to face some serious complications regarding environment that makes our planet as a patient and no one is responsible for polluting it. The increased number of cars , carbon trading license and most importantly smoke that comes from manufacturing industries have harmed our ozone layer that protects our planet from sun harmful rays.

Importance of the study with respect to the world
This study is important because now we have realize that by advancing our living structure we are going to face some serious complications regarding enviorment that makes our planet as a patient and no one is responsible for polluting it. The increased number of cars , carbontrading license and most...

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