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Topics: Morality, Rabindranath Tagore, Religion Pages: 5 (1675 words) Published: September 16, 2013

Plenary Lecture: Prof. A. P. Trivedi

Head, Department of English M. G. Govt. Art and Science College, Kharsia, Chhattisgarh Abstract:- Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was a noble thinker, amazing poet, dramatist, best teacher, keen essayist and unbelievable artist of great excellence. He clearly asserts ‘Let us reset our moral compass. ‘His views on the lifestyle depend on the values of commitment, patriotism and naturalism. In spite of his being a great thinker, he propagated the ideas of naturalism and pragmatism. The values that we generally find and enjoy in the literature and philosophies of Tagore are Idealism, Humanism, Naturalism, Patriotism, internationalism and so on. Tagore says that man should identify the "ultimate truth" which will free him from the life circle. Encounter according to him is the interview with oneself. He trusts that the planet is the mixture of both fact and impression. In Tagore's point of view, man is formed with unlimited power, which is unwanted of his substantial existence. This superfluity is the infinite potentiality of human nature and creativity. The unwanted potentiality of man translates itself in person's spiritual religious and ethical activities. As an idealist, he was a keen promoter of facts, benefits and ideas. According to him, by using art man can experience the completeness of the high standards of life. The peculiar artistry was nothing but sincere and spiritual self-discipline. He said that trust on and worship of God could spiritualize people’ duties and works. As a Humanist, Gurudev Rabindrabath Tagore said the characteristics of man and man are created by superior power. There is a powerful bond between man and characteristics, so man should act naturally to feel the significance of superpower within him. Knowing of self is the key to recognize the Godhood in self. As a Naturalist, he remains an excellent teacher that is not problematic for man. Nature is kind, gentle and sympathetic like a mother. As a true Patriot, Rabindranath Tagore was an excellent poet, preacher, master and servant of the nation. His documents are filled with the loyal dogmas and doctrines. He had sworn during the independence movement to make the nation free from international slavery. His dedication for the nationwide service, sincere feeling, and certainty was great. "Jana, Gana, Mana… is the popular National Anthem which elicited a powerful a sense of unity and nationalism. As a proponent of Internationalism he was in favour of the one world. He says that unity among social, color and spiritual diversities is the need of the time. Sophisticated emotions are significant in his literary creations and works of arts. Finally, he was a follower and promoter of Vedanta. He had faith on the one Supreme Being that he has called as the holy Brahma. He finds unity in the diversities in the world and a spiritual oneness between man and man, man and characteristics. The relation between God and human must be like that of between love and joy. He witnesses God in all matters and soul. He believes that existence of Lord Brahma is there in all the living beings. Adequate answers of all the queries occur when we understand the lifestyle of Brahma within him. RABINDRANATH TAGORE AND HUMAN VALUES

Biswajit Baidya

Asstt. Professor, Deptt. of Philosophy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar College, Belonia, South Tripura.

Abstract- R.N. Tagore’s philosophical works are so vast that it is a herculean task to do proper justice to the world class philosopher. From R.N. Tagore’s books, we can easily surmise his own philosophical thoughts and ideas. Looking at the modern times, there is a widespread feeling of hatred, enmity and distrust among religions,...
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