Research on Complex and Dynamic Group Decision Making Methods Based on Process Interaction Mode

Topics: Evolution, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: May 21, 2013
In general, the implementation process of those major decision-making(DM) problem, related to national economy and people's livelihood, must consider two factors: fairness and democracy, because these problems are involved in various benefits. In order to avoid great risk of DM from the faults of individual judgment, the way of group decision-making(GDM) may be carried out. In the decision process, decision groups can be composed of delegates of stakeholder. For a means of DM, the mode of GDM can take account of various benefits, and overcome the shortages of individual judgment, such as knowledge, experience, ability and information. Thus, GDM method is a powerful tool to settle those major decision-making problems by qualitative and quantitative analysis. The results of these researches may have more influences in many application fields, and promote the scientific DM process. For those complex and major decision-making problems in real life, DM process may go through multiple stages of interaction to gain more information of DM. By this means, veracity of decision results can be enhanced and risks of decision failure can be reduced. And then, the whole GDM process should be analyzed from the insight of decision process interaction to discuss how to measure the weight of attributes in multiple stages in complex and multi-stage and multi-attribute GDM problems, which are new fields of GDM research. At present, the research achievement on many problems about process-interacted GDM is lesser and , such as complexity of decision process, evolutionary process, interactive conflict, interactive collaborative and DM methods. Thus, the in-depth research on the methods of complex and dynamic GDM problems is very meaningful. This dissertation mainly analyzes the constitutional complexity of process-interacted GDM, transition and evolution of GDM interaction process, and discusses several types of multi-stage and dynamic GDM mode. And then, some problems, existed in the...
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