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This project investigates different three games or activities which are used by different cultures which can be used in one of Maldives resort in order to create cross cultural awareness among the workforce. Games/Activities

The use of games can be a powerful tool to create cross cultural awareness. In addition, games are fun and interesting to introduce cultural issues to the employees. BAFA BAFA
Bafa Bafa is quite famous game used by various cultures to promote cultural differences and to form mutual understanding among the workforce. In this game, members are categorized in two cultures named Alfa and Beta. The Alpha culture is hierarchical, paternalistic, and fun-loving but it also has strict rules for social interactions (violators of social rules will be ostracized). The Beta culture is transaction- and merit- based with little hierarchy. Once the two cultures are “trained,” several waves of emissaries are sent between them to try and understand how to interact in the other culture. Each team of emissaries tries to prepare the next wave so they can interact more effectively. This simulation shows how easy it is to misinterpret actions and exchanges when the rules are unfamiliar, and it demonstrates the need for thought-out strategies when learning about a new culture. The stated main purposes of this game are: To prepare people to live or work in other cultures.

To help different business units understand one another better. To prepare a corporation for a merger or an organizational change.

Shirts, R. Garry, (Oct 1992) “Ten Secrets of Successful Simulations”, Training,...
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