Relection About "Making the Pyp Happen"

Topics: Education, Knowledge, Learning Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: June 25, 2013
The article “Making the PYP happen”, (2000) by IBO:
Nerea Fernández-Cendejas Rodríguez

-Establish 5 main ideas from the article and comment briefly. -How it’s helped you to understand the PYP and how you’ll use what you’ve learned?

a) Ideas:

1- The PYP try to form international students by paying attention to them (how are they supposed to be) and what they learn (the written, the taught and the learned curriculum). We have to have and make clear what we want to teach (written curriculum), how we teach it (materials, activities, resources…), and the way the students learn and work.

2- The written curriculum: the contents of our program have to include concepts, knowledge, skill, actions, attitudes…. The concepts are what students have to understand and they have to be carefully selected based on these ideas form, function, change, perspective, connection, reflection and responsibility. The knowledge is what we want the students to know about and has to be significant, relevant, engaging and challenging. The skills are what we want our students would be able to do, and are social, research, thinking, communication and self-management, all worked transdisciplinary. The attitudes cover what we want our students to feel, and are quite diverse, like: empathy, enthusiasm, confidence, creativity or respect. The actions are about how we want our students to act using a circle process of act-reflection-choose.

3- The taught curriculum: How best will we learn? The PYP says the program (the written curriculum) has to provide questions of inquiry and the teaching focuses on facilitating that inquiry. This inquiry is purposeful and engages the students in their own learning, which is the most constructive manner. For the school, that will mean a change because a wide variety of teaching strategies and styles can be accommodated, if they’re driven by a spirit of inquiry and a clear sense of purpose, and the more substantial innovations of recent...
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