Related Literature

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Related Literature (INTERNET)
Land Based System
According to, the importance of a Computer Network is it allows the user to share data with other users in a network, for example, a company having a number of computers which are connected in a network. Computer network will enable the users to share the files and folders and get synchronized with other users.

Computer network also allows the user to share resources such as printers and faxes. It can be installed on one computer and can be accessed by other users in a network. By this the need of installing printers on individual computers is avoided and it result in cost-effectiveness. Computer network also allows the user to communicate with each other using instant messaging tools to share ideas, files or solve queries. LAN based refers to applications or services that are accessible over a network. Although there are many products that can be accessed over a network, there are some that can only exist for LANs. Some applications that can operate over the Internet perform better over the shorter distances encountered in LANs. In LAN based system there are called server, Servers provide resources or services to smaller computers, which expands the capabilities of those other computers without having to increase their capacity. Although the Internet enables users to contact servers over the Internet, some server applications are better suited to LAN-based implementations. A LAN-based file server has stronger security than an Internet-based server, because the users who are allowed to access the server are pre-screened and the access points to the network are restricted to a secure space in a building where strangers would be noticed. A thin client network forces all users to access services over a LAN. The configuration cannot exist without a network and so it is firmly LAN-based. In a thin client system, all workstations have only a mouse, a keyboard and a monitor. The workstation...

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